How to deliver order/service to client?

How to deliver order on influencerbucket
For Influencers

There are two types of services are there for influencers:

1. As Influencer: You need to create your profile on our marketplace. Clients will directly contact you via HIRE ME button. Its a custom type of work where people approaches you with their budget and requirement. Wide scope of custom work and negotiation.

2. As Services: One influencer can create as many services which he thinks can make money with. These services will be displayed on your profile with fixed prices. There is no scope for negotiation here.

Once the order is placed by client side. Influence will get an email notification. Influencer needs to login to his dashboard and check for order details. Influencer may request for some minor changes if he/she thinks that it is not compiling with his/her account terms.

Make sure all the conversation is done inside the chat box. In case of any dispute between client and influencer our team can look into the matter and do the needful. Influencer Bucket will not be responsible if any kind of exchange of words, transaction and transfer of information happens outside our marketplace.

After you got an order you may accept/reject or talk to client directly via chat option.

Once you accept the order the status will changes to Inprogress from pending. In this time frame you need to start your order and provide the 1st screenshot before work.

After you completed the order come to order page and click on Job Done. Now send your 2nd screenshot as proof of work to client via chat. See screenshot examples here

Once you deliver the order to client. He will check everything and approve the order and amount will be credited to your balance.