How To Hire Influencers and Create Orders?

how to hire influencer
For Brands

First create an account on InfluencerBucket and login to your account. 

For Hiring Influencer:- (Custom work and requirements, variable rates)

Click on Influencers.

Choose your influencer you want to work with and click on View Profile. On profile page you will see influencer details, their social media accounts and services created by the influencer.

You can directly contact influencers from this page by clicking on the Contact button.

For hiring influencer click on Hire Me Now.

Fill in all the required details about your product and mention how you would like see running live. Offer the remuneration which you would like to give the influencer for that order. (It is upto the influencer to accept or reject your order. So it is always recommended to have a conversation before making an order. 

Select the date upto which you would like influencer to complete the order. Choose the payment type and click submit.

This option is not meant for influencers to do the work for you. You must provide your desired promotion details, caption, link, images you wish influencer to post.

You can see your hiring status in your dashboard (from pending to complete). You can also directly chat with the influencer to provide other details regarding your order.

For Hiring Services: (Pre made services by influencers, fixed rate)

Click on Services and choose the one which you like to purchase. Click on Order Now follow the same steps as mentioned above.

Once all finalized your order will go from these stages Pending => Inprogress => Completed.

Influencer will send you 1st screenshot just after posting which contains your post on his/her account with date.

After the completion of your order, influencer will send you the final screenshot of your post with the date, and stats. 

Please confirm it and rate & review the influencer work.