How to Publish Youtube Orders?

how to deliver youtube services
For Influencers

Pay attention to Campaign Brief, (it will include what your customer needs from the video), link required to include in your video description, and video due date (Posting Due Date). Customers will specify a due date “Posting Due Date” when they place an order, you will be required to post created video to your channel on this due date.

Follow these steps to get paid:

  1. Create a video in accordance to campaign brief:
    • Sponsorship: Endorse the brand at the beginning and end of one of your regular videos. You can choose to place this endorsement on any video that you were posting on this due date. Add a little message about the brand in beginning and end of your video, encourage your viewers to engage with whatever you are advertising for your customer.
    • Creation: Follow instructions in the brief and create a dedicated Review, Tutorial or Gameplay video for the brand that ordered from you. Engage with your audience and encourage them to check out the brand you are promoting, and click the link in your description.
  2. Post the video to your Youtube channel on the due date (Posting Due Date).
  3. Copy the url from which client has given to you in his order, and put it in your Youtube video description.