Screenshot {Proof of Work} Completed Examples

Proof of work on influencerbucket
For Influencers

Here are the screenshot examples. Influencer needs to submit to the brands/clients after completion of order as a proof of work.

Instagram permanent post + bio link

Instagram post + bio link computer screenshot

Instagram post + bio link mobile screenshot

Instagram Story

After completing IG Story order, you need to upload 2 Story Screenshots, to receive payment:

If You have Business Account

1. 24hr Story Screenshot
2. Story Stats Screenshot

If You have a Personal Account

1. 24hr Story Screenshot 
2. Story Stats Screenshot

1st screenshot – 24hr Story Screenshot

We are looking for:

  • “seen by” number in bottom left corner
  • timestamp (1 day or 24hr or date it was posted) in top left corner.

*IF you were not able to take “1 d” or ” 24hr” screenshot in time, we will accept screenshots from your archives, they must show all the things we are looking for. 

2nd screenshot – Story Stats Screenshot: 

For business accounts, we are looking for:

  •  “Interaction” Statistics and “Discovery “statistics (see example screenshots above)

For personal accounts, we are looking for:

  • list of viewers it was seen by (see example screenshots above)

Please provide screenshots for all your story orders. Payment for story orders WITHOUT BOTH screenshots, will be denied. 

We will hold your payout if we don’t have proper screenshots, and/or reverse orders.

Instagram 24hr post + bio link

For all your orders. You will need to take a LAST HOUR screenshot of the post. This means you need to take a screenshot at the end of the order (ex: if it is a 24 hr shoutout, must take screenshot at the 24th hour).